Sports Physicials

It’s that time of year again – Back to School Season. We have been busy with well child exams and sports physicals the past few weeks here at Black Hills Pediatrics.  If you have been calling for an appointment you may have noticed that our schedules are not as flexible as they are at other…

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Happy Halloween!

The festivities have begun here at Black Hills Pediatrics! We hope you have fun taking your little one’s Trick-or-Treating or to the various Halloween events in the community! Don’t forget these safety tips while your out and about this evening. Halloween Safety Tips: Plan your route – let your child know which houses they will…

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“Pink Eye”

Emily, your rambunctious toddler, just started her first week of daycare and on Friday when you pick her up you notice her right eye is a little pink.  Throughout the evening you notice she is rubbing at it quite a bit but do not see any signs of injury. The next morning when she wakes up she has…

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“Skin Problems”

It is the first week of school and you notice Brenda has a rash on her stomach. The rash is red, raised, and she is scratching at it quite a bit. She has not had any fevers and is acting well other than itching. She has been wearing new school clothes all week. She has…

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“Sore Throat”

Uh oh…..Johnny just woke up with a sore throat…is it strep? He was fine last night and has not had any other signs of illness. You decide to watch him and see if anything else develops. He does not want to eat much during the day but is drinking well and staying hydrated. Towards the…

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“The Stomach Bug”

It’s 2pm and you are busy at work when the school calls. Joseph was fine when you dropped him off this morning but he just threw up his lunch in the hallway and the nurse wants you to come get him right away. He seems fine when you first pick him up but at dinner…

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