If your child has a medical emergency, let one of our office staff know and we will do everything we can to see your child immediately.

Time is important, yours and ours, and our office appointments are made to maximize office efficiency. We make every effort to respect the time we take in seeing patients, and most of the time we are successful. Patients who walk in on a non-emergent basis without an appointment will be asked to wait for the next available appointment time, so that those with previously-scheduled appointments are seen at their scheduled time. We will schedule your child for the next available appointment.

We occasionally have parents who schedule a visit for one child and then ask to have an additional child seen. Sometimes a quick peek at the second child takes a lot of time. We will try to accommodate the request if we have available time so that seeing the unscheduled child will not cause others with scheduled appointments to be delayed. The additional child may have to be treated as a walk-in patient and will be scheduled at the next available appointment time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the policy we have directed the office staff to follow, please discuss your concerns with one of the physicians.