New Patients:

Please understand if you fail to keep your first scheduled appointment with our clinic, we will not schedule further appointments for your child.

Established Patients:

It is the policy of Black Hills Pediatrics, L.L.P., to discontinue medical services to families who fail to keep scheduled appointments three (3) times. This reserved appointment time could have been used for other patients who are sick.

If you make an appointment with any one of the physicians or physician assistants and cannot keep that appointment, please call our office at least two (2) hours prior to the scheduled time to cancel or reschedule. Notification the same day after the scheduled appointment time will still be counted as a no-show.

Each no-show appointment will be marked in the patients chart. After the third no-show; appointment, you will be sent a letter of termination allowing you 30 days to have the patients records transferred to another physician of your choice outside of this clinic. You may not transfer care to another provider within Black Hills Pediatrics, L.L.P. The clinic will be available for emergency medical services only during that 30-day period. If the patient is on Medicaid, a notification letter will be sent to Pierre to have a different primary care provider assigned outside of Black Hills Pediatrics, L.L.P.

If you have any further questions regarding this policy, please feel free to discuss your concerns with us.